Our aim is to provide you with a product of the highest quality, a chic, elegant and decadent look.


Every item is designed to suit your daily needs with a high level of practicality and fully optimised compartments that allow you to store large volumes. Our products are also only branded in the interior, making them suitable to wear on a daily basis, and easier to dress up or down.


Our unique colours have been chosen to blend in on a day to day basis and stand out when desired.


Our leather either originates from high altitude areas such as the alps where the natural imperfection level on the leather is low due to the lack of insects, or areas in which the cattle are very stable and cannot fight, this reduces the number of impurities. Then it is finished, tanned and coloured in Italy.


Our logo is shaped in the form of the greek letter kappa in lower case and derived from an ionian style pillar.


Our products can be customised with a monogram making them as unique as possible. Ideal for gifts.


Each product is lined with our signature Egyptian cotton lining.


All our products are handmade in Greece combining some of the most ancient and recent crafting techniques offering timeless style and the highest quality.