My name is Kimon and I’m originally from Greece. I started making iPad cases at the age 14 after I created a number of different businesses as a child. I established Kimon because I wanted to make a very high quality case, something that wasn’t readily available on the market.

Most of the products are tailored to my use and therefore designed by me. I hope you will enjoy the unique colors, which are elegant, easy to wear and memorable.

Everything is handcrafted in Greece, made of the highest of quality materials and with a lot of care. The design is lightweight and the measurements have been carefully considered to fully optimize the space available and provide a larger compartment to store items in.

The Products are designed to be attractive, discreet and durable. The linings are made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton that will last many years.

I hope that everyone will enjoy my products and that they make your life easier and more stylish on a day-to-day basis.

If you can’t find the exact specification you want, then please get in touch with your requirements, I will be happy to look into them and provide a custom order.